A Program to download GPX Data from your Traccar Server.
All details like code or Installation instruction can be found on Github



Nevertheless, you can download the program here as well:

Traccar2gpx (21.5 MiB)
Letzter Update 28. März 2023

Version 2.0
Traccar2gpx JSON Example Config File (110.0 B)
Letzter Update 16. Januar 2023

Why traccar2gpx?

I’m doing lots of bicycle or motorbike trips that I’m tracking. The Traccar portal gives me the option to download a range of days and returns them as one track.

See the export options:

GPX Garmin Formatx

While Traccars export option is pretty good, I have different needs. Let’s compare some options:

Several selections of days, weeks, month, rangex
Selection of Start and End datexx
Track formatKML(GPX)GPX
Garmin GPX formatx
Track has a sounding namex
One track for timespan selectedxx
One track for each dayx
Defined color of trackx
Track can be cleaned from trackpoints not in motion or in motion with <2,5km/hx
Track includes timestamp data of each tracks waypointx
Track can be used for geotaggingx


This version has been tested with Traccar 5.4, 5.5.

Configuration file

traccar2gpx is configured by a sidecar configuration file. Here is an example:

More about the config file

  • The config file must be named: traccar2gpx.json
  • The file must be in valid json format.
  • There is an example of traccar2gpx.json on Github.
  • The file must be in the same directory as traccar2gpx.exe
  • The file must include:
    • the URL to access the traccar server & the port to access it. Typically this is http://your_url:8082
      Remark: http not https!
      If you self-host your traccar server, make sure to have the right port forward setup in your router.
    • your user-id and password that has the proper rights to access your traccar admin API.
    • If you feel uncertain of how to write such a JSON file, start traccar2gpx.exe once. It will end with a failure message telling that a new configuration file has been created. Now edit this file by updating with your credentials to access your traccar server!
  • Viewing the config file after successfully running traccar2gpx you will find additional keys. They are updated automatically and you should not touch them.

Use of traccar2gpx

traccar2gpx menue
Start DaySelect the first day you want to pull tracks from Traccar. If you just want today, set todays date.
End DaySelect the last day. If you just want today, set todays date.
Tracker:Select the tracker you want to pull the tracks from.
Color of the GPX Track:Select the color the GPX tracks should get.
Clean track:This removes all trackpoints that have a speed of less than 0.5 km/h or a distance from point to point less than 1m.
Don’t use this option if you use the track for e.g. geotagging your pictures, as no motion trackpoints can be of value.
Get ONE GPX Track:All trackdata from „Start Day“ to „End Day“ will be pulled into one single track. Usage example: Use the track for geotagging all pictures from a vacation. The tracks name shows the start and end date + tracker name. If there is no file, there wasn’t enough trackdata!
Get DAILY GPX Track:One GPX track per day range selected. Each track has the days and tracker name as file- and trackname. If there is no file, there wasn’t enough trackdata!

REMARK: If Windows Defender claims this program to have a virus: That is an known issue that comes with compiling Python code. Either add an exeption to Windows Defender or run the source code provided on Github instead.


1.0Initial release
1.1Reworked configuration file with initial setup.
Menue selection of Tracker, Track Color and Clean Track are now saved in configuration as preselect.
Menue window location is now saved in configuration for next start.
1.2Reworked most of the code. Pulling data from Traccar now in „Standard GPX Format“ and reworking it for use with Garmin Software.
Added smoothening of elevation data.
1.2.bRemoved smoothening of elevation data as algorythms used had no impact.
You can pull data now back to one year.
EXE file didn’t work standalone. Should be fixed now.
2.0Moved from dayrange to date selection. Added option to pull either a single track or one track per day of selected range.